Starcup Coffee Co is one of the leading coffee and  food products supplier in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Starcup Co represents  many leading international food brands in the Kingdom. We have created a large number of customer networks with the help of our professional sales and marketing team. The increase of competitive level has required, throughout the years Starcup Co has been able to cope with this development and new flexibility required through its effective internal restructuring model and a marketing driven value , Today Star cup operate  a factory to re-pack raw sugar into sachets with special designs for some brand café shops , in the same time star cup act as agent for many Italian flavors , café recipes ,  we import , distribute and sell through our team 

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Starcup Co has been established in 1992 under the surveillance of Almana group. Company started its journey by opening retail outlets and on stepped in to wholesale trading .Starcup went on increasing its goodwill by establishing its retail outlets and large size of wholesale trading team in different region of kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Company has established three sales offices and team per region wise in the kingdom.
Our current business model now is mixed Manufacturing + Agent + sales and distribution 

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Secure our future through leadership and personal developments .
Enhance customer satisfaction and company performance through improved collaboration and communication Diversify and grow by seeking new customers and marketing opportunities while furthering current customer relationship


Re-defining the standards of 'customer service' by exceeding customer expectations. Being admired for our business values and ethics. Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation. Being the "preferred choice" both for customers, suppliers and employees.


To  carry forward our expertise in coffee and related products, tradition of quality and customer-oriented approach that we have been perfecting since 1990 with everlasting enthusiasm in providing all our customers with moments of delight and To provide our clients competitive and premium quality equipment and services. To strengthen the acceptability of our brands with clients and contractors throughout the GCC. To seek growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships.

  • Performance

  • Passion

  • Integrity

  • Diversity

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When we compare ourselves to another competitors , we concerns our self as the best in region. We are ensuring our products are delivered in reasonable price and in high quality. Our quality management team ensures the quality of our products and the training the customers to deliver unique and regular taste to their drinks.

1. Dedicated team work

2. Elaborate process management

3. Excellent product quality.

4. Abundant operating experience

5. Service quality and reliability

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